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Don’t Be Discouraged

A trial is just an opportunity in disguise; A problem; nothing but a hidden prospect. When something is impossible for you, His power is now able to be told. A hitch in a plan means the plan is worth having. And weakness, a chance for His strength to unfold. A crisis up the road means joy is round the corner,…

by Sharone Benjamin - London

How badly do you want it?

I can imagine those who those who have gone before me saying: If you want the ride to glory you first have to sit on the cold hard saddle, You can’t say you want to be triumphant but you don’t want to be in a battle..! I have achieved and gained a lot but it did not come with ease,…

by Sharone Benjamin - London

Crabs in a bucket (I’m making it out)

Back in Jamaica, we used to catch live crabs: Put them in a bucket, that’s what we did, If there was one in the bucket we would need a lid. Two or more, no need for a lock, they would be each others stumbling block! So; put one crab in a bucket and it will escape But wait - When…

by Sharone Benjamin - London