A trial is just an opportunity in disguise;
A problem; nothing but a hidden prospect.

When something is impossible for you,
His power is now able to be told.

A hitch in a plan means the plan is worth having.
And weakness, a chance for His strength to unfold.

A crisis up the road means joy is round the corner,
When everything’s going wrong then change is gonna come.

When nobody’s really speaking to you,
And ‘friends’ wont give you the time of day;

Don’t be sad, just list carefully,
God’s making room, He has something to say!

When you feel you’re at breaking point, keep going,
That means you’re about to break through.

A battle is a pathway to victory,
And tribulation; faithfulness check for you.

When you have something worth having,
Be sure that you’re going to encounter testings;

And know that the depth of persecution faced,
Is also the measure of ones blessings.