Back in Jamaica, we used to catch live crabs:
Put them in a bucket, that’s what we did,
If there was one in the bucket we would need a lid.
Two or more, no need for a lock, they would be each others stumbling block!
So; put one crab in a bucket and it will escape
But wait -
When you accompany it with a few of its mates, they don’t cooperate,
Nor do they debate, they portray essence of hate and they all have that same trait,
So there’s no lid, no, and no need to sedate; they will pull down and not hesitate,
That’s why no one evacuates, they claw each other down that’s how they relate,
So they each stay in that bottom of the bucket state, and no one makes it to the top –
They want you to share their fate.
There’s no escape!

What I’m trying to say, well I’m sure you know:
That we humans are like crabs in a bucket or a bowl.
We are all in the world, no need for a cover, like crabs in a bucket we tear down each other!
Why can’t we just be happy for our brother? This is one thing I am yet to discover?!
People want you to do well, but not too well, they don’t want you to completely come out of your shell.
So people discourage you with their lack of cooperation,
They can’t wait for you to fail so they can offer commiseration.
They’re quick off the mark when it comes time to criticise,
The good parts they seem to miss but the bad parts they emphasize,
They won’t introduce encouragement but they will summarise your demise.
And when you’re openly blessed, they’re secretly vexed; they’ll smile in your face but that smile is in jest.
You do something well and they squint up their nose; you try something new they, strike an uninterested pose.
You never see or hear from them when you’re doing something right,
They never want to tell you that you got your game tight.
But do something wrong and they’re first in the queue, notice how all of a sudden you see them looking for you -
Just can’t wait to say how bad you did do!
They’d never say it out-loud but rather than see you succeed,
They feel better about themselves so they’d rather see you in need!

But we’ve held each other back for way too long, it’s wrong;
I hope you’re with me when I say we need to move on.
Instead of all of us being submerged into sinking sand;
Want your brother to succeed in fact give Him a hand.
Side by side; you with me; power and strength in unity!

Have that mentality whereby you know what you’re about,
Though people may want you to descend you are going to mount!
Decided for yourself whether I need to kick scream or shout; nobody’s clawing me down…

I’m making it out!!!

First published by WOW PUBLISHING HOUSE 2007: ‘Just a Taste of what’s to come’