I can imagine those who those who have gone before me saying:

If you want the ride to glory you first have to sit on the cold hard saddle,
You can’t say you want to be triumphant but you don’t want to be in a battle..!

I have achieved and gained a lot but it did not come with ease,
I may have ended standing tall but I began down on my knees.

So if you want my present joy you have to also want my past pain,
If you want to overcome like me you have to want what I overcame.

I’ve been in some awkward positions; I’ve had to make some difficult decisions,
I’ve had to believe the impossible, rejoice before results and dare to keep chasing my visions.

You have to do things you’ve never done in order to go places you’ve never been,
You have to be bold, strong, sacrifice, take risks and try things you’ve never seen.

If you want to be successful you can’t just sit back and be liming,
If you want to get the most out then you have got to put the time in.

If you want to be prosperous then know that it comes at a cost,
I’ve learnt to cherish what I have because I know what it is to have lost.

The reason I’ve been comforted is because I have had to mourn
The reason I can recognise real love is because my heart has been torn.

So do you want all that? Those early mornings, long days and tired yet still up all night..?
The initial shame and frustration of getting things wrong more than I was getting them right..?

Those times of isolation and loneliness; those times I thought I could not take it!
And those times things weren’t happening by themselves so I had to choose to make it!

Those times I knew I was out of my league but kept on fighting through my fears,
And when challenges peeked, when there was blood and sweat and verging on the tears.

Those times I had to stomach critique which went way below the belt,
And the times that I didn’t feel well but worked despite of how I felt.

Those times my skin had to be tough as my ideas got refuted,
And in the attempt to do things right know that you will be persecuted.

Sometimes you’ll be running on empty but still have to keep serving and giving up too,
I’ve had the challenge of expressing things to others I wasn’t sure I was living up to?

Also, realise that you have to suffer with Him before you reign with Him,
And be aware you have to be willing to lose for Him before you gain in Him.

I know how to handle my riches because I know what it is to be poor,
At times you have to have less to be able to truly appreciate more.

If you desire to go far, then you have to take it steady or…
Your talent may take you places that your character was not ready for.

You have to first be faithful with a few; then you’re equipped to handle the various winnings,
As He will make you ruler over many so do not despise those small humble beginnings.

You have to want the package experience, both the good times and the bad,
Those events that left me disappointed as well as the ones that made me glad.

You have to want the process, for anything you want to do or be,
You have to actually encounter war, and then rise above… That’s when you have the victory!

Be encouraged; you are more than a conqueror!