Mission Statement

In recognising the power of words both written and spoken, Working on Words exists to use words primarily, along with other creative streams and teaching vises to translate truths and transform lives.

Vision Statement

Working on Words aims to affect the lives of many on an individual level, group and  community level and eventually worldwide.

Current creative products that already exist consist are a book of poetry, a spoken word EP, 4 poetic calendars and a handful of songs and short sketches. Bespoke poetic pieces have also been created and often delivered live for special days and occasions. These are things we aim to build upon and expand.

As this organisation grows, we wish to establish the following services and activities in various divisions:

The advancement of self-education and provision of life-long learning opportunities,  including things such as:-

  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Training Resources

In contribution and advancements of the arts, by providing:-

  • Creative writing including poetry, stories, songs etc.
  • Spoken Word events and other events
  • Concerts, plays and short films.
  • Music/poetry videos
  • Workshops to develop ones craft

To develop the capacity and skills of service users relationally, socially and economically, enabling them to in turn meet the needs of their immediate and broader society, making available:-

  • Local action projects
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Information and publications
  • Books articles
  • Development and Creative Programmes

Provide and/or signpost relief services to vulnerable sectors of society:-

  • Provide care and training where possible
  • Sign-posting to other services